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GHK 1/2 Scale Sten MKII Miniature Model Gun (Color: Black)

  • Brand: GHK
  • Construction: Steel
  • Length: 15 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Complete steel 1/2 scale replica of the famous Sten MKII submachine gun
  • Whole gun is copied down to the smallest of details that includes both the paratrooper-style stock and "pole and plate" stock
  • Includes 5 dummy rounds (assembly required) and miniature die for assembly
  • Magazine loads like the real thing and the gun can be manually cycled, chambering and ejecting each miniature round
  • Extremely realistic construction
  • Perfect for a movie prop or display
Package Includes: 1x Rifle, 1x Stand, 5x Dummy Rounds
Product Barcode: 193939009333
12 pcs/case

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